Not long ago, a few of us who live in rural Nash County were running our mouths about a little bit of everything like we like to do. and we happened to discover that we share a few common beliefs about the study and preservation of local history. For example, we believe that the histories of place and of people are inseparable, and that neither can really be experienced without considering the other. We believe that the experiences of all people are equally important – from the person whose name is on the building to the person who dug the dirt that made the brick that went into that building’s foundation. And we believe that knowledge and legends and stories and research and tales are all over this county, in the hearts and minds and books and boxes of people who live here, have lived here, used to live here, or even just know of people who used to lived here….and we really, really, really want to hear it all.

So we decided to form this here group called the Rural Nash Historical Society and invite anyone with an interest in the history of rural Nash County to join us. Here is what we aim to do:

Discover, collect, interpret, analyze, preserve, and share the history and stories of the people of rural Nash County and their neighbors.

To achieve its mission, the Society will:

Collaborate and engage with other historical organizations in our region, recognizing that before 1777, our local history was also the history of Edgecombe, Halifax, Franklin, Bertie, and Chowan Counties and that rural and urban histories are interdependent and cannot be understood separately from each other.

Support the integration of the studies of genealogy and local history, recognizing that the study of each enhances the understanding of the other, and that the stories of places and people are intimately connected.

Pursue the inclusion of the history of all peoples of Nash County into its ongoing narrative of rural Nash County history by maintaining a supportive, collaborative, and respectful environment where anyone can pursue their particular areas of interest and share their knowledge and information with the support and encouragement of other members regardless of education level, experience, or age.

Uphold the standards of historical and genealogical research by educating and assisting its members in the application of those standards, while also honoring and sharing the legends, stories, and tales that have been passed down among generations.

Engage and educate the public around our local history, heritage, and resources.


We are just getting everything up and running, dreaming dreams and making plans for how RNHS will serve the communities of rural Nash. We hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we enjoy the labor itself.

6 thoughts on “A Vision of History About and For Us All”

  1. I would love to become a member of your group. I am from Halifax County and my husband’s mother’s folks were from Nash and Edgecombe. I may not be able to contribute much information but I certainly and interested in the “doings” of your group.

    1. Sandra, thank you so much, and we will love to have you! I’ll be emailing you in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

  2. My mother’s family lived in Nash County for over 200 years. Hope you have great success!!! Would love to be included on your emails.

  3. My husband’s Faucette family has roots in rural Nash Co., and we are interested in following its history. The Faucettes lived there from about 1880 until the 1920’s. John Henry Faucette, a Civil War soldier, is buried at York Chapel where he built the pews. Even though that church is being rented to another congregation, I am hopeful of someday acquiring one of those pews as a family heirloom. Please add me to your email list:
    Thank you!
    Dianne Faucette
    Hilton Head Island, SC

    1. That is fascinating! York Chapel is such a beautiful spot. Thank you for reaching out – we look forward to staying in contact.

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