As the busy months of summer quickly pass us by, it’s now time for us to focus on moving forward with establishing our group. Vacations are coming to a close, kids are headed back to school, and cooler weather is (hopefully) on the way. Let us take this time to prepare for our first public meeting as a historical society. Our goal is to have our first group meeting sometime this fall before holiday season approaches.

I wanted to take a quick moment to update our loyal supporters and any curious followers. Our board is working hard behind the scenes to get the ball rolling with our group. Holding our first society meeting is our primary goal. Before we hold that meeting, however, we want to make sure all of the necessary details are laid out, organized, and properly established.

As we continue to work on building this group, we will face growing pains. We ask that everyone please bear with us as we work through those pains. Communication is key. If you have any questions, ideas, or words of encouragement for our staff, please feel free to send us an email at

For those who are interested in membership, please follow this link

It’s worth mentioning that everyone who becomes a member before the end of this calendar year will receive a special Charter Member plaque custom made just for the Rural Nash Historical Society!

Once our board has set the schedule for our first public meeting, we’ll share the details here and on our Facebook page!

Warmest Regards,

William Denton
Director of Operations

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